Dynamically Macro A Class To A Laravel Macroable Class

Laravel Macros

I was recently working on a project where I wanted to make a classes functions available inside of the built in Laravel Str:: helper. Laravel Macros are the answer to this issue. However, I wanted to make adding additional methods an easy experience and needing to write and maintain a separate macro with argument definitions for each function was clunky.


To solve this issue we can take advantage of a built in php function get_class_methods. This function returns an array of all the methods defined in a class. Perfect! Except, macros also need any arguments listed as well.


Enter func_get_args. This build in php function allows us to list all the arguments of a function. This is the final piece needed to dynamically macro our class.

Final Code

The final code looks like this:

foreach (get_class_methods(AdvStr::class) as $methodName) {
    Str::macro($methodName, function () use ($methodName) {
        $args = func_get_args();

        return (new AdvStr())->$methodName(...$args);

After implementing this in a service provider you can then call your custom methods directly:

Str::myCustomFunction(myArgument: 'example');

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