• A Dark Sky Replacement – MerrySky

    With Apple killing off Dark Sky, I was looking for a replacement and happened across Mary sky. It seems like a pretty darn good replacement for dark sky with an almost clone-like interface. The app is powered by the pirate weather API, so the data source is a bit different than dark skies homegrown weather […]

  • Adding a Hotkey Pulldown Terminal On My Mac

    I’ve had issues effectively managing a large number of terminal windows on my Mac in the past and I’ve finally arrived at an effective solution. The solution does require switching to iTerm2. Once I had iTerm2 setup. Here’s how I configured things for myself. Under Preferences > Keys > Hotkey I created a new HotKey […]

  • Jack’s kinda right?

    Jack’s kinda right?

    Jack Dorsey just wrote up a little piece on where he sees the future of content on the web going. I saw a few hot takes that seemed like they might be taking things out of context. Which I think they kind of were. So, go read it for yourself. This is the part that […]

  • Moving Back To WordPress From Hugo – Performance

    I was a bit worried that in moving this blog from Hugo hosted on Render.com I would suffer a performance drop. The short answer is nope. I am using a linode $5 a month server with the litespeed web server and MySQL. The only caching tool I am using is the Litespeed WordPress addon. I […]

  • My Weekly Listening

    I thought it would be fun to share the podcasts that I currently listen to almost every episode of. These have a wide range of topics including #skiing #mtb #linux #dev #tech etc. I find that I eventually grow out of podcasts and into new ones so I’m sure this list will change over time. […]

  • Open SSL Vulnerability

    Looks like many people who are on LTS releases have dodged a bullet with the new OpenSSL vulnerability. The vulnerability reportedly only affect version 3+ of OpenSSL. Many LTS releases are on 1.1.1 and not affected. OpenSSL 3.0.7 update to fix Critical CVE out next Tuesday 1300-1700UTC. Does not affect versions before 3.0. https://t.co/jIRQhx0nCr — […]

  • Teaching Kids to Code: App Inventor

    My 10 year old son recently asked to start doing some coding for school. He’s done some LEGO Boost projects in the past so I was looking for something that would be a bit more interesting. He has started using a smartphone for some things so I though building apps that he could run on […]

  • Cleaning Facebook and Twitter With UBlock

    Ublock Origin has a handy feature that allows you to build custom fields in addition to their standard ad blocking abilities. Here’s a few rules I set up the other day to clean up annoying parts of Facebook and Twitter. For Twitter I wanted to get rid of all their trends stuff but keep my […]

  • The Strongest Argument for Decentralized Tech May Be Security

    Twitter got hacked real good last night. From all appearances it doesn’t appear to be a technical hack, but a social engineering hack of employees with almost limitless access to the platform. As centralized tech companies have become the norm for political, economic and public health discourse a new threat model has reared it’s head. […]